Portland Lunch 2.0 gets cooking

Lunch 2.0Yesterday, Portland held its first Lunch 2.0 event. The concept was brought to Portland by Jake Kuramoto of Oracle AppsLab and hosted by AboutUs, the wiki of business information that currently leads the Portland Start-up Index.

The Lunch 2.0 concept was designed to give companies a good excuse to stay in touch with their local peers by inviting them over to their workspaces. No competition. No rivalry. Just smart people getting the chance to share a bite and some ideas.

With the first successful event in the books, questions about the next one are already starting to surface:

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event, and lots of people asked when the next one was. We’re hoping to keep a regular pace, not every week though. This is Portland. We like to take it easy. Maybe every six weeks, maybe more often if we get lots of requests to host.

Want more information about the Portland event? Interested in starting a Lunch 2.0 in your town? Visit the official Lunch 2.0 site.