Positive press: The Oregonian points to the potential the startup community holds

Beer and BlogHang in there, you entrepreneurial type you. You’re making progress. I know it. You know it. And now, other folks are starting to take notice. Like The Oregonian.

In a recent article entitled “Oregon’s high-tech better off now than in dot-com bust” business and tech reporter Mike Rogoway—one of the mainstream media folks in Portland who clearly “gets it”—had the following to offer about the under the radar startup scene:

And though the state’s technology manufacturing base continues to erode, a cluster of Web services companies are creating a vibrant culture around social-networking technology.

Hopes are high they could lead Oregon technology out of this latest downturn, though their economic impact is muted.

Many of these small companies have set up shop in previously rundown buildings downtown or on Portland’s inner east side. They share a passion for social media, which connects people online through a series of tools including wikis, blogs and the instant-messaging service Twitter.

Prominent examples include Jive Software, AboutUs and SplashCast. Dozens, maybe hundreds, of even smaller companies are bootstrapping themselves with just a handful of employees and their laptops, using low-cost open-source software to launch their businesses with a minimum of startup costs.

So you keep doing what you’re doing there, Portland and Silicon Forest startup types. You’re making a difference. And people are starting to realize what kind of potential we have here.

For more insight on the technology business environment, see Mike’s piece on the current state of Oregon’s high-tech scene.