PostRank Announces Twitter Newsroom

PostRank has added their blog discovery engine to Twitter by providing feeds of its most popular topics. The company has dubbed their service “Twopics”, which enables Twitter users to add PostRank topics to their Twitter feed. The service keeps Twitter users up to date on the newest and best blog posts from specific topics. Some of the more popular PostRank topics listed on Twitter include Entrepreneurship, Gadgets and Technology or @pr_entrepreneurship, @pr_gadgets and @pr_technology respectively.

PostRank on Twitter makes it easy to populate your Twitter feed with great reading recommendations from the topics you are most interested in. You do not even need sign up for PostRank to access the Twitter feeds. The fifty most engaging topic areas from PostRank are already available with new ones being added daily. Users can also create their own topics, all they have to do is name them and add the feeds from their favorite websites.

The PostRank Twopics is incredibly useful and it is one of the best examples of a business that has successfully integrated their existing services with Twitter.