PostRank boosts Analytics system with Activity Stream launch

PostRank is a clever tool that measures different ways readers engage with online content – sort of like a social media-inspired Google Analytics. Its ranks are based on things like how many times a specific post has been linked to, shared on Google Buzz, commented on, tweeted on Twitter, voted on Digg, bookmarked on Delicious or even viewed through feed readers. Today, PostRank adds a new feature that stores this data and shows you these activities.

PostRank, born out of small-town Waterloo, compares the feature, theoretically, to FriendFeed, but for a blog or website’s content. Previously, PostRank aggregated and reported activity events. But its new feature now aggregates Tweets, votes, comments, and more into a single view. Publishers just have to input their RSS feed into PostRank Analytics, and it will streamline and filter activity into a dashboard.

The system is free for the first 30 days, then costs $9 per month. PostRank aggregates more than 10 million daily activities from more than 20 different social hubs, which means you’ll get a solid idea of the types of interactions that are taking place with your content.