PostRank’s Top Posts Widget gets some love

Widget with blue palette

Waterloo’s AideRSS launched their new and improved PostRank Top Posts Widget today and it’s getting some great reviews. ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick describes it as “awesome” and “pretty hot”.

  • Readers can discover your most engaging content at a glance.
  • Topic search enables readers to find your best content on specific topics that interest them.
  • Older content stays as visible and relevant as your most recent posts and continues to draw significant reader engagement.
  • Readers stay on your site longer, view more pages, and click more links, which translates into ad impressions and revenue.
  • The Widget’s look and feel is easily customizable to match your site.
  • Readers can create customized RSS subscriptions to content right from the Widget.
  • WordPress users can monitor their social media analytics and track conversations right from their dashboards.

Looks pretty cool – we’ll be having a look at integrating it into our site to replace our ‘Most Popular Posts’ section in the sidebar.

Last week AideRSS closed a second round of financing with Waterloo’s Tech Capital Partners.