Premier McGuinty: Wifi Isn’t Dangerous to Students So We’re Keeping it in Our Schools

Earlier this week, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, which represents teachers from 1,400 schools, issued a report that suggested wifi is harmful to students and must not be installed in schools. Few agreed with the report, noting that wifi is already ubiquitous, at home and in malls—even children’s hospitals. Now Premier Dalton McGuinty has come forth to say that the report does not raise any new issues and that there is no valid reason not to install wifi in schools.

Speaking of the potential effects wifi exposure could have on people, Dalton told the Canadian Press that “I know that [Health Canada] continues to monitor these things very closely,” noting that they have performed extensive worldwide research. “I place my confidence in them,” Dalton said—not the Catholic union.

Some schools in Canada have removed or strictly limited wifi, citing safety concerns, but the vast majority continue to utilize the technology, which these days is highly conducive to a fun and productive learning environment.