Premier’s Technology Council looks for input

The Premier’s Technology Council (PTC) is an independent advisory body with the mandate to advise Premier Gordon Campbell on all technology-related issues facing British Columbia and its citizens.

The PTC believes that building a knowledge based society will better the lives of British Columbians and is embarking on a consultation process to determine how the relationship between academia, industry and government is evolving.

In British Columbia, key aspects of these relationships are managed by University Industry Liaison Offices (UILOs). Using their structure as a basis upon that to gain a picture of how the overall relationship can be best structured to create a healthy, sustainable, knowledge-based society in British Columbia.

The PTC Consultation is an online forum dedicated to building a knowledge based economy within the Province of British Columbia.  While anyone can view contributions submitted to this forum, participants must receive an invitation and agree to the terms of use before they are able to log in to contribute. 

If you’re interested in participating, request an invitation to participate here.