Presenting companies for Startup Calgary Launch Party announced

Startup Calgary was on the lookout for fresh, up-and-coming startups to be showcased at Startup Calgary’s upcoming Launch Party on November 5th and it looks like they found a bunch.

The following startups will have the opportunity to demo during Launch Party:


  • Budtobud is an experience-driven social network created around sharing media in real time with friends. budtobud creates an online platform where users can enjoy music, video and audio books with friends as though they were sharing headphones/screens — regardless of their physical location. Users socialize – chat, vote/rank favorites, buy music and update other social networks — all while enjoying media with their friends in real time.


  • Cardinal is a mobile platform that lets users share what they’re listening too, discover new music and friends, create ad-hoc location-based networks, and influence what’s playing at ‘Cardinal Powered’ venues. Cardinal is like Foursquare meets Ping for musical taste-makers.

Deliver Good

  • DeliverGood is a web utility built to streamline and maximize the charitable giving process. DeliverGood facilitates a process to connect charities and non-profit organizations who need stuff with individuals and businesses who have stuff


  • Gridly is a hosted, web-based solution that makes it easy for anyone to produce and manage great-looking, consistent, print-ready documents such as advertisements, product sheets and posters – with nothing more than a web browser. Control the level of flexibility and have centralized approvals while still giving users the freedom to quickly, and cost-effectively, create what they need.


  • iConnectMIDI is a platform for musical instrument connectivity – connecting keyboards, drum kits, synthesizers, sequencers and other digital musical gear together. It translates digital musical events between old and new musical interfaces, a problem previously only addressed by computers running special applications that were slow and complex to set up. iConnectMIDI also brings this world of music to the expanding iOS device market, allowing iPhone, iPod touch and iPad applications to directly communicate with digital musical gear.

Insight Emmissions

  • Insight Emissions provides an end-to-end solution designed to track and manage inspections in the oil & gas sector. Two products, Emission Trak and Emission Central, operate seamlessly together to collect inspection data from the field, sync the data to an online server and allow management to view the results, track repairs and capture cost savings from anywhere in the world.


  • Mobizou is an e-marketing tool that easily lets merchants create and manage offers and customer surveys through an online interface. Merchants can seamlessly distribute offers and surveys to the web, mobile web, Facebook, and Twitter. Customer engagement is tracked in real-time. It makes marketing easy for merchants by saving time and money while driving additional foot traffic to their store.

Mountain Apps Inc.

  • The perfect companion for anyone wishing to fully experience the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies within Banff National Park. In association with the Friends of Banff National Park, this iPhone application features Augmented Reality, recognizing more than 250 mountains, lakes, and points of interest and includes 400+ magnificent pictures.


  • Tagle is a Windows desktop sidebar that simplifies document management in SharePoint,, WellView, and other applications. With Tagle, users need to know only two things to manage documents stored in remote systems: drag-and-drop.


  • VRStorm delivers full-service cloud Infrastructure as a Service that is Flexible, Scalable, Resilient, Available, Secure, and very importantly, adheres to Canadian Privacy laws. The VRStorm cloud uses our own management software, SpectrumVisor, which delivers a number of advantages including: high-performance, open standards, interoperability, flexibility, and enterprise-ready cloud management tools.

The Startup Calgary Launch Party is on November 23rd at Hotel Arts. Tickets are on sale now and available online.