Primal Fusion Updates

Waterloo based start up Primal Fusion is still only available to alpha testers (which anyone can become by visiting Primal Fusion) but a new feature now allows those who don’t wish to sign up for their own account a glimpse at what Primal Fusion is capable of creating.

The Primal Fusion team, which has now grown to 32 people has been busy developing a new form of online activity they have dubbed ‘thought networking’. Similar to social networking, thought networking is a way of displaying your thoughts and ideas. A user enters a search/thought term, selects relevant tags and suggestions and a brand new webpage is developed that displays relevant information to the original search term/thought.

Primal Fusion has spent the last four years developing their semantic technology platform and with each search term/thought generating its own unique web page it’s easy to see how Primal Fusion could quickly grow the be one of the largest websites in the world. With recent updates made to the website there is now a way for non-registered users to view examples of Primal Fusion generated web pages. Other updates include a face lift for the site and the ability to add custom introductions to Primal sites.