Prime Time has become My Time

CEO of Achilles Media Robert Montgomery in his opening address for the nextMEDIA Monetizing Digital Media conference began by outlining that the reason we were all in attendance was for learning and networking. Networking was mentioned a number of times throughout his introduction to the conference. In fact at one point it began to appear as though it had some mantric relevance or spiritual allusions that I had begun to fear I truly didn’t understand? I found myself wanting to ask “How can I join the church of Networking?”

Not that easily as many soon began to understand. The conference in general was largely comprised of a collective of experienced but engrained professionals who have for years been monetizing the “1’s” and “0’s” that make up the magically ephemeral world we call “Digital Media”. In general the conference was defined by this core group that appeared to already know each other and currently be stakeholders in each other’s business efforts.

This was somewhat further emphasized by many of the presenters who appeared to be doing their best to pitch their business model to the collective. This sales pitch model for presentations was a little disappointing and the learning aspect was sometimes negated in favor of a much more egalitarian approach that could entice a wider range of business interest. Which is to be honest, fair enough.

Although I am a little unsure how progressive or informative the information was to the crew that has been hustling digital media for so many years. Much of the information outlined in the presentations was on the basic side and could have used a peppering of intellectualization.

Although I overheard a couple of conversations in the mingling sessions that definitely demonstrated that there were some seriously smart cats talking to some seriously experienced professionals – I also overheard an argument about how many mini-burgers it takes to equal one regular sized burger… maybe that’s where the peppering comes in. Although I just attempted to outline how I felt that there could have been some more valuable information from the sessions I will now completely contradict myself and tell you that there was some really interesting info touted by some equally interesting people. Brandon Berger who is the Director of Digital Innovation for MDC Partners had a great statement in his session proclaiming that when it comes to digital entertainment media “Prime Time has become My Time”.

Brandon spoke about the well recognized media paradigm shift that is emphasizing “new models of fluidity in content” which includes computer, mobile, etc. The crux of his talk was viewers more than ever own the eyeball hours and that business needs to be quick to adapt to their mediums and interests. He emphasized that the 30 second spot mentality is quickly becoming archaic and that story telling is as important as ever. The examples he had such as the Dove Evolution campaign emphasized his point to challenge business to take some risks with their content and that money doesn’t necessarily equate to good storytelling.