Privacy Commissioner launches another Facebook probe

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada is launching a second probe into Facebook’s compliance with Canadian privacy laws following a new complaint about Facebook’s controversial changes last December.

In December, Facebook made a now imfamous change to the privacy settings, leaving users’ profiles wide open to the whole world by default instead of limiting access to only those in the same network.

This investigations follows an earlier probe in 2009 that led to Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddard finding multiple violations.

The Palo Alto-based company implemented many of the recommendations from Stoddard’s report in August 2009.

“The individual’s complaint mirrors some of the concerns that our office has heard and expressed to Facebook in recent months,” said Assistant Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who spearheaded the original investigation and follow-up in a press release.

“Some Facebook users are disappointed by certain changes being made to the site – changes that were supposed to strengthen their privacy and the protection of their personal information.”