Ottawa Plans $100 Million Spend to Protect Government Computers from Hackers

Last summer the National Research Council’s computers were targeted by Chinese hackers, a scare for Canadians.

Now Ottawa is planning to spend up to $100 million to enhance the defense of our government’s computers.

The details are not finalized, according to a source cited in The Globe and Mail, and the plan will take at least a year to implement. There’s also more to the NRC story, sources suggest.

Quoth The Globe:

Sources say there’s more to the National Research Council hacking episode. In fact, they say, Canadian officials were aware of the intrusion well before they acted to shut down the science agency’s computer network last July and sever National Research Council connections to other government computers. After detecting the hackers, Canadian information security officials decided to monitor them rather than immediately bar entry, according to two government sources.

“We were trying to gauge how they were going about doing what they were doing,” a government source told daily newspaper. “We wanted to see what they were up to.”

Cyber threats are fast becoming the modern day battlefield, with experts suggesting any future “world war” will likely take place on a digital plane, not a nuclear one. Canada typically isn’t a target in these situations, but the government knows that on the Internet, it is always better to be safe than sorry.