Protospace Open House

You know the Simpsons episode (The Last Temptation of Homer) where by dint of a couple of unfortunate medical conditions Bart becomes a nerd. He’s pursued by the Jimbo’s and Kerney’s until he’s rescued by Martin and absconded to their nerd space. A secret location where the techies, nerds, geeks and hackers can “work on their extra-credit assignments without fear of reprisal.”

That’s kind of what Protospace is except school’s over the “nerds” are all working on sweet projects and the Jimbo’s and Kerney’s are all selling insurance and forcing their children to lift weights. Here’s the exact definition.

Protospace is a Hackerspace, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It’s a physical location, whose purpose is to support the ongoing projects of its members. Those members include anyone interested in working on projects with the purpose of making things, breaking things, learning and teaching. Protospace is designed around collective ownership, not only of the space but of the tools, resources, and infrastructure within the space. 

Kind of dry I know but don’t let that fool you, there’s going to be a rocking open house when the Calgary Protospace has its debut. You can find all the details on the open house here and here

There’s presentations, workshops and beverages. It starts at 7 pm at 1012 MacLeod Tr. SE. See you there.