Providing a platform to the changemakers and idea generators.

Influencers, changemakers and idea generators. These are the people who make ideas come to life and share in the innovation that sustains and empowers our lives everyday. The TEDxToronto conference is a commitment to celebrating just that; the people and the leaders who have been a vital and instrumental part of this discourse. Now, until August 6th, you have the opportunity to nominate someone whom you believe would be a great addition to the conference session as a speaker, on their area of expertise in the community.

There are currently four spots available for conference speakers. If you know someone, or have been influenced by an individual directly or indirectly in the Toronto community, then complete the nomination form here. That’s the wonderful thing about the TEDx experience – it highlights and brings to the forefront individuals who don’t necessairly have the platform for their their voices to be heard.

The TedxToronto conference will take place on Septemeber 30th 2010 at Glenn Gould Studios.