Public Mobile enters the public discourse


Bell, Rogers and Telus are not the only ones upset at Industry Minister Tony Clement’s ruling to allow Globalive’s WIND Mobile to operate in Canada.p

Alek Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile has entered the mobile wars in Canada.  Public Mobile filed an application for judicial review of the federal government’s December decision, which allowed for Globalive to launch its WIND brand in Cagary and Toronto.  In doing so, Clement overruled a previous deceision by the CRTC which stated that Globalive’s corporate structure did not meet Canadian ownership regulations.  

In filing the application, Krstajic stated, “We believe Cabinet’s decision is unfair to other wireless carriers, especially new entrants like Public Mobile that have played by the rules and secured substantial Canadian investment.  Furthermore, while we respect the government’s authority we believe what it has done amounts to a change in law, and only Parliament can change Canadian law.”

It will be interesting to see what Clement and the Canadian government have to say about this most recent chapter in Canada’s attempt to become more mobile friendly.  It is unlikely that a decision will arise to hinder the WIND brand in Canada.  However, it is likely that subsequent entrants into the mobile playground will not have the same benefit that Globalive was party to.

Do you think Public Mobile has a case?