Public Mobile credits Rogers for boosting its business

Public MobileWhen Rogers introduced its discount brand Chatr in late July, many thought it would only be a matter of time before the new wireless players would be chased out of the oligopolistic wireless market. However, according to one wireless start-up, the alleged anti-competitive actions actually helped grow its business.

Public Mobile’s Chief Financial Officer, Jim Hardy, said that their “sales rates have tripled since Chatr came out.” He went on to add that “the good news is that Rogers has legitimized the new entrants” and that potential customers are researching the new wireless entrants and their particular mobile offerings because of the buzz around Chatr.  

However, other new wireless providers are not singing to same song as Public Mobile. Just last week, Mobilicity allegedly filed a complaint with several agencies stating that Chatr’s offerings are anti-competitive and are a direct attack on new wireless entrants. Wind Mobile’s chairman, Anthony Lacavera, also said that Rogers’ move to introduce Chatr is aimed directly at Wind, as there is a considerable amount of overlap in offerings and geographic markets served.  

There really is no way to know for sure just how well Public Mobile is doing. The company refuses to release subscriber and financial information, as it is a privately-held organization. However, Public’s CFO did say that since each of the incumbents flanker brands were launched, the wireless start-up has held its ground.