Public Mobile launches in Toronto and Montreal

It may not have been a big launch party or a bash but it was a launch nonetheless.  Public Mobile, Canada’s newest entry in the wireless marketplace, finally opened for business in both Toronto and Montreal yesterday.  And maybe they’ve learned a lesson or two from the start-up cousin, WIND Mobile.

Alek Krstajic is the CEO of Public Mobile:

We are not going after Bell, Rogers and Telus customers. 

And to back this up Public Mobile won’t be offering any smartphones.  None.  Krstajic told the crowd gathered outside a Toronto east-end Public Mobile store.  Their focus is two-fold:  On the 30% of Canadians who don’t own a cell phone as well as lower-income Canadians.  According to their website, Public Mobile is offering a comprehensive and unlimited $40 talk and text plan with phones starting as low as $70.

According to a report by the Toronto Sun, Public Mobile has a plan to target their market.

To zero-in on working-class people with household incomes of well under $100,000, the company opened 25 corporate stores and private dealers dotted throughout high-density mainly multi-unit dwelling neighbourhoods across the 416 and 514 area codes. The company plans to have as many as 200 stores and authorized dealers open by December.

What are your thoughts on the Public Mobile business model?  Do you think it will succeed?