Put your iPhone down and cheer… or not

After last night’s performance against Switzerland, it looks like Canada may need a little help on Sunday against the upstart Americans at Canada Hockey Place.

If your iPhone spends more time in your hands than in your pocket, you may want to check out one of these Canadian-born cheering Apps to help the team along.

iCheer – Country from Calgary’s Rocky Mountain Mobile Software

Have you ever been to a game and forgot your jersey or heaven forbid your face paint! Not to worry, you always have your phone! Use ‘iCheer!’ to cheer on your countries athletes or team!

you can show your support for your country wherever you and your phone go. Whether it be one of the events in Vancouver, the World Cup in South Africa or any other World Cup event. Works with iTouch as well!

Vancouver Cheers from Montreal’s Absolunet

The app is simple (and free!) to use and allows you to cheer for the country of your choice, using your mobile to flash your national colors. It’s a great alternative to flags, lighters and other cheering novelties. You can also use it to see who else is currently cheering for the same country you are, as well as follow all the latest Olympic Tweets. An original feature records and displays the top 3 all-time cheers in real time, creating a healthy competition between fans of different countries.

Go Canada Go!