Putting Edge wants to see your balls. Honest.

It seems that companies are using the popularity of social media and video to increase their brand awareness these days.  Recently, we have featured both Doritos and Flight Centre.  Both companies are using video and viral marketing. 

So to is Toronto-based Putting Edge.  pe

Putting Edge has created a contest called, “Our Balls Glow in the Dark.”

In order to win a grand prize of $1000 or a party with 100 of your closest friends, participants must submit a video (or picture) of the “coolest and wackiest things they can do with balls.”  There will also be daily winners selected amongst both those who submit content and those who vote.

Barbara Lockhart is the President of Putting Edge:

Our locations provide a fun atmosphere for any demographic, families, teens, tweens and fun seekers alike. We are an affordable, value-packed, entertainment alternative. Plus, being indoor, we are perfect no matter what the weather is like outside.

For more information check out Putting Edge on Twitter or Facebook.