PwC’s Digital Compass Technology call wraps up with 7 key trends identified

PwC is asking Canadians to voice their opinion on how Canada can lead in a digital economy. With calls in different sectors spanning over several weeks, they are focused on gathering ideas on what Canadians find important. The first call was for technology ideas and out of that, seven trends emerged: 

Mobile applications – As the smartphone and other mobile phones become ubiquitous, this is an important driver for content and innovation.  If you left your home without say your iPod, that would might be annoying.  But if you left home without your iPhone or Blackberry, you’re going back to get it. 

Cloud – Expected more submissions on this topic, but some additional ones have come in the last few days.  Still seems to be uncertainty about how best to use cloud as well as security and privacy issues.   

Health care – Great parallel to what is happening in the US, opportunity for Canada to transform the system with digital 

Identity – A lot of debate around this issue and the idea of security and privacy.  Key issues in the digital economy and the debate over what is possible, vs what is desired and aligns with our values and wants. 

Knowledge sharing – A lot of discussion about ways that digital can help share disparate knowledge for better solutions and understanding.  Touches on the collaboration and connection that technology enables and an interesting parallel to the project itself. 

Rural and remote infrastructures and natural resources – Very much a Canadian perspective.  Expansive country, wealth of natural resources and a population that is very spread out.  Technology solutions that are designed for this reality, as opposed to designed for big cities and applied to smaller areas.   Leveraging Canada’s unique natural resources to help facilitate advances in technology 

Wireless (Technology, Funding, Infrastructure and Research) – several submissions touched an element of wireless, not only because of the need of a solid infrastructure, but also because of some of our strengths in engineering and commercial successes such as RIM.  Also touches on the idea that Canada was once a leader in broadband, but is slipping behind. 

The current call is for new business models and approaches to content and distribution. Each call lasts one week, with the top scoring ideas from each call will go into a showdown starting on April 27th. Submit an idea of your own, or comment on other ideas at