Quest for Canada’s smartest, greenest IT dept. reaches final stage

The quest for Canada’s smartest and greenest IT department has narrowed it down to 12 national finalists. The finalists for smartest the greenest categories will be brought together on June 16 at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto and winners will be announced.

The award criteria included companies with sustainability objectives, green corporate strategy, vendor initiatives and programs, and personal passion for all things green. The quest is meant to recognize industry leaders that drive the Canadian economy, by celebrating the innovative technologies. It recognizes companies that have the ability to run a well-managed IT organization that delivers cost effective service as well as innovative financial and environmental beneficial solutions within and beyond the company. The June 16 gala is organized by IT World Canada and Info World and sponsored by a few big firms like IBM, Samsung, and more. 

Among the finalists is Atum, a finalist for the Greenest IT category. Atum specializes in virtualizing IT infrastructures, providing dedicated virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and spreading awareness about innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly hosting.

“Virtualization means doing more with less,” states John Posan, Business Development Director of Atum. “This results in fewer resources used holding the potential to decrease green house emissions significantly while at the same time increasing performance and cutting costs. It serves as an advantage to both the business and the environment and without a doubt is the future of hosting.”

Atum also implements and participates in various green initiative programs, starting in the everyday office routines such as a no-plastic policy, moving onto a macro-scale of hardware recycling, where Atum will purchase hardware from clients who want to switch to a virtual environment. 

 “We’re ecstatic to be part of the quest. We are proud to be a Canadian IT leader who is conscious about the environment, coming up with solutions that benefit both business operations and the earth,” confirms Posan.

How does your department, IT or not, go smart and go green?