QuickMobile no longer Under the Radar

The Under the Radar | Mobility conference took place today at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View and the “Best Pre-Revenue Company” from yesterday’s Angel Forum in Vancouver was one of 42 start-ups presenting. After impressing the angels at our local event, QuickMobile is on a roll with an invitation to present at the mobile version of Under the Radar. Saleem Ahamed of QuickMobile reports that the panel and audience down South was receptive to their pitch and that the forum experience was invaluable for a mobile start-up. 

Under the Radar | Mobility is your chance to see, hear, and meet key players in the mobile universe, from the elusive carriers to the content developers, stealth startups and the industry leaders. This is a forum for partnerships, dealmaking, business development, and growth opportunities.

You’ll see a collection of companies in areas such as mobile content/video; social networking; voice services; marketing and advertising services; and a host of enabling technologies. From the industry experts and pundits to the company presentations and demos, you will learn about the future of mobility –  its challenges and opportunities from consumer adoption to monetization of services.