Montreal’s Radialpoint Reveals Solution to Help Tech Support Agents Solve More Problems

Radialpoint is putting its years of experience and extensive data toward the creation of a search engine focussed on surfacing the best tech knowledge on the web.

After years working behind the scenes building services like security and online backup for companies like Virgin Media and the Montreal-based company today announced Reveal, a new solution that arms support teams with the knowledge to solve all their customers’ technology problems. Reveal will be showcased tomorrow at the annual Technology Services World (TSW) conference in Silicon Valley.

Reveal is a browser extension that recommends trusted technology solutions in your Google results. These solutions have been identified by hundreds of Reveal users—professional tech support agents who have used these answers to solve real, challenging tech problems, according to Radialpoint.



Reveal helps support agents find the most trusted tech support knowledge on the web in mere seconds. When researching an issue in Google, Reveal presents solutions recommended by agents around the world, or across the office. Users of Reveal can also add their own recommendations to the collective knowledge at the click of a button, thereby improving the quality of results over time.

“As products get more and more interconnected, vendors need to go out of their way to support the user’s entire technology ecosystem. They don’t want to risk losing revenue because another product in the user’s network is faulty,” explains Warren Levitan, CEO of Radialpoint.

Headquartered in Montreal, with operations in Toronto and London, Radialpoint has been a key player of Montreal’s tech ecosystem for over a decade yet still exudes startup culture and is swinging for the fences.

Radialpoint currently employes 120 people. Consistently named a top employer in Montreal, the company is hiring a Director of Product Marketing and a Content Marketing Manager.