Radian6 launched Engagement Console

Fredericton-based Radian6 announced today that they will be launching a social media monitoring desktop app called the Radian6 Engagement Console in April.  According to a blog post on their site today, the Engagement Console is in private beta and currently only available to Radian6 customers.

One of the biggest hurdles to jump in integrating social media into a business is figuring out the most cost-effective and functional way to scale its use. As your organization grows and continues to weave social media into its processes, it will be critical to establish a workflow that extends across departments while still allowing your teams to engage efficiently.

The Radian6 Engagement Console promises to extend social media monitoring, listening, and engagement to every desktop within a company. Among the social media monitoring capabilities, the console will let you listen to ALL  media types, including blogs, videos, forums, boards, Twitter, Flickr, Google Buzz, LinkedIn Answers, Facebook fan pages & public discussion groups, as well as online mainstream news sites.

No doubt the most impressive feature of Radian6’s new console is the streamlined workflow feature which allows you to tag, assign, and route posts to team members, and track the status of the assignments in real-time.

Radian6 is currently helping over 10,000 brands track social media sites, including Comcast, MTV, Dell, UPS, GE and Microsoft.  Radian6 investors include Summerhill Venture Partners, Brightspark Ventures, and BDC Venture Capital.