Raincity Re-launches Bryght Drupal Hosting

Via Twitter, Vancouver’s Raincity Studios relaunched their Bryght community content hosting service. You might remember it was last November that Raincity bought Bryght; the two companies were already partners and shared office space. In addition to a fresh look for the site, they’ve also modified their pricing structure, with Bryght Light shared hosting at $20 a month (or free, ad-supported), and VPS options from $50 to $160 a month. For those who weren’t aware of Raincity/Bryght’s allegiances, “Community Content Hosting” means Drupal to them. The two companies have a long history of working with Drupal and supporting it’s open source community. Interesting to note: both the Bryght and Raincity Studios websites are now localized in Chinese, reflecting Raincity’s pursuit of the Chinese market. Raincity’s blog doesn’t mention the relaunch yet, but it is clad in Beijing 2008 colours as Raincity’s head duo of Kris Krug and Robert Scales take a break from Raincity’s Shanghai office to take in the Olympics. They’re equipped with an arsenal of gadgets to deliver their independent take on the events through Flickr streams, videos on NowPublic, and more. They’ve already posted lots; providing an interesting view of the event that you won’t see on CBC. Have fun dudes, and hopefully your citizen journalism doesn’t get you thrown in a Chinese jail (and hopefully that line doesn’t get Techvibes blocked in China).