Raincity Studios Ends Bryght Hosted Services

According to this post by Raincity Studios’ Robert Scales, Raincity is phasing out Bryght hosted services effective April 30, 2009 with a plan to be closed completely by May 29th, 2009.  Bryght was acquired in November of 2007. However,

… it became apparent to us that in order to offer competitive pricing and the best possible service to our clients, hosting must be carried out on a scale that is beyond our current capacity and in turn we could not provide you with the level of service that we would expect from anyone else. In the midst of an economic downturn we recognize the importance of keeping our company agile and innovative.  At the moment, we want to focus on doing what we’re best at: developing and delivering innovative applications and software solutions to power online communities. 

In the meantime, for existing Bryght customers, Raincity has partnered with Rackspace and Slicehost to provide competitive affiliate pricing and to facilitate the migration of some sites.  If you have any questions, you can email them at transition@bryght.com.