Raise a glass to BarBird

Finding out what goes on after dark has never been easier thanks to a new website and iPhone app out of Portland called BarBird.

BarBird is like a live, interactive map of what’s kicking in your city’s nightlife. Featuring over 50 cities (although only two Canadian ones at present, Vancouver and Toronto) and 10,000 restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and music venues, chances are BarBird can help you find something fun to do tonight.

The website features a Google Map of your city with nightspots tagged depending on what’s going down that night — food and drink specials, live music, ladies’ night, etc. Depending on how plugged in the venue is, you can also get further info and details right then and there from their Twitter feed. You can recommend new venues for BarBird to add, and also share what your plans are for the evening with BarBird’s Facebook connectivity.

The one thing BarBird’s missing? How ‘bout some coverage of the ‘burbs? Not everyone goes out to classy downtown nightclubs all the time; heck, most of Greater Vancouver’s population lives outside of the big city. I’m not sure if the ball’s in the developers’ court or in bar owners’ or in users’, but whatever the case may be, it would be awesome to be able to find out when wing nights are at the local watering.

Actually, with the quantities of cheap wings that would cause me to eat, that might not be such a good idea.

You can find BarBird here.