Raising money for a cause simply surfing the web: Better The World

Better The World is a Toronto based social network that connects people who care with like minded corporations and charities to raise money for good causes. BTW knows that people don’t have a lot of time or money to donate but that people have good hearts and want to help, so the concept was to create a way to raise money for a cause by simply surfing the web. It’s really simple. Corporations pay to have the viewer see their ads and each view turns into points that adds up into money towards the charity or cause you chose to support. Of course their are more incentives for participants too, every month a new contest is started and prizes are awarded to top supporters. It’s easy and free to sign up and you can be raising money for charities such as War Child, The United Way, WWF and Habitat For Humanity among others. This video from Better The World explains how it works:

Currently BTW is running a contest, Final 4, to encourage students to get involved by challenging them to sign up and compete against other schools to be one of the top four supporters. The prize is not only money for their charity but also money for their school to be used however they wish.

“The Final Four” is a contest that runs between September 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009. Just fill in your school in your profile. The school with the most points from their members will win $2,000 to use to improve the school. The #2 school gets $1,000; the #3 school gets $500 and the #4 gets $250. Think of the possibilities.

And the top four schools will get to pick the winning charities.

The Top School’s most popular charity will win $4,000. The second place school’s members will award their favorite charity with $2,000, the number three school’s charity pick gets $1,000 and the fourth place school will give their favorite charity $500.

To get your school involved or for more information on the contest, click here.

See these links to learn more about Better The World or to become a corporate sponsor.