Random Hacks of Kindness building a better world through software

Hackers around the world are using their skills for a good cause through Random Hacks of Kindness, an initiative that’s matching software engineers with disaster relief experts to identify and solve some of the critical global challenges facing humanity.

At events called “Hackathons,” which take place simultaneously at several locations across the world, RHoK participants collaborate on solutions for real-world problems. With the help of subject matter experts, the hackers define problems in a concrete way to create “Feature Hacks” which the hackers create software-based solutions for.

The next RHoK Hackathon is coming to 10 cities across five continents, including Toronto. If you are a software engineer in the region, or are involved in marketing, emergency planning, international policy, multimedia or management, you are invited to check out Random Hacks of Kindness.

The Toronto Hackathon last December 4th to 5th at the Sid Smith Building at the University of Toronto. For more information or to get involved, click here.