Rangle.io, Artisan of JavaScript, Embraces ‘Simplicity of Focus’

The team at Rangle.io are the craftspeople of JavaScript.

Rangle.io is a next-gen full-stack JavaScript consultancy focused on AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, and PhoneGap. They specialize in building full-stack JavaScript applications for the web and mobile, and in helping clients move to this stack.

For a company that will only be three years old in May, Rangle has been able to attract an outstanding roster of talent, and create an ethos that has little in common with a corporate environment.

The brand message for their current and potential employees mirrors the message they communicate to their clients: that they are on the leading edge of their technology. While Rangle provides benefits such as comprehensive health coverage and discounted gym memberships, it is this focus on passion, claims CEO Nick Weerdenburg, that has led to a stunning job offer acceptance rate in the last year.

“We’re at the forefront of modern software development, and we have brought together a lot of passionate people, so the people who join us do so because they’re very passionate about what they’re doing, passionate about the software, passionate about technology, passionate about design, and that is what drives the company. It’s a group of like-minded peers that are focused on what they do and how they do it, and that’s hard to make in the industry,” says Weerdenburg.

This passion has led to well-understood but unwritten principles of how Rangle operates and who ultimately comes on board. If those principles had to be codified, they would likely be expressed as simplicity, continuous learning, and diversity.

“Simplicity of focus is one of our core principles at the company. That’s pretty much been the founding principle,” says Weerdenburg.

That simplicity defines how they do their work and what projects the company ultimately chooses to take on. The team at Rangle has a relentless focus on building and delivering modern Javascript applications from a process and design perspective and exclude projects outside of that scope. They work only in an agile manner, and only in a continuous delivery model.

Remaining on the cutting edge requires continuous education.

“We’re very big on learning and continuous improvement and pushing the envelope on best ways to build software and deliver value to our customers and the world in general,” says Weerdenburg.

Mentorship is a key element of that education.

“Mentorship has been fundamental to us from the start,” says Weerdenburg. “As we’ve grown, building out our skill as a company is the most important aspect of what we do. So we have coaches and a mentorship model within the company, helping people ramp up their skill sets in different areas along with new areas that are emerging in tech.”

Every Friday at Rangle there are lunch & learns spanning a broad range of subjects, from technical to behavioural, with recent topics including Redux, mindfulness and meditation, and emotional intelligence.

From the start, the founders at Rangle worked to build diversity into the company.

“If we’re fully utilizing 100% of the available talent in the world instead of 50% and the longer a company runs the harder it is to achieve diversity goals whereas if you built it in early on, you can grow with it and your culture reflects that,” says Weerdenburg. “We have a Women in Software guild that meets to talk about issues and what Rangle can do. We get feedback from them.”

Weerdenburg emphasizes that they have a largely flat, egalitarian culture focused on mutual growth, support, and education. Those motivated by climbing a corporate career ladder will likely not find themselves to be a fit.

Instead, passion is the common thread among people tendered offers for employment.

“We’re very careful hiring for culture fit. We hire people who are very passionate, and have a lifelong learning tendency. We hire a lot of people who don’t have degrees, who’ve taught themselves, who have just been so passionate that they’ve mastered what they do,” says Weerdenburg.

There are absolutely no degree or diploma requirements at the company, including high school. If you have the skill and the passion, you are welcome to interview.

Weerdenburg explains, “We have people from different fields and disciplines. It’s really about passion for building the software and having an impact on the end user.”

The result of this relentless focus on passion, education, and diversity, in the minds of the team, is meaningful software that ultimately has an impact on society.

“If people want to work in a very fulfilling and creative environment where they learn, can apply best practices and grow fast, we’re a great environment for that at any level of development,” says Weerdenburg.

Rangle.io is a job board member and is hiring. Profiles are included with membership.