RCMP Investigate ‘Serious Threats’ Against Vic Toews as Opposition to Bill C-30 Mounts

While Twitter account Vikileaks30 may have been shut down, the war against Vic Toews and his Bill C-30 has only just begun. There is now a website called Vikileaks30, and the RCMP has been called in to investigate “serious threats” against the public safety minister.

“Threatening communications have been directed at the minister,” a spokesman for Vic is quoted as saying. “These incidents have been reported to the proper authorities.”

As the mocking hashtag #TellVicEverything continues to burn hot on Twitter, hacker group Anonymous is also maintaining its fervently opposing position against Vic, releasing a second video that warns the Minister to back down from trying to push Bill C-30. “You did not heed our warnings,” Anonymous said. “Now you will be exposed for the hypocrite that you are … You are now literally a joke in the eyes of the internet.”