Ready for the Montreal International Game Summit

This Monday, November 8th, the seventh Montreal International Game Summit begin and I’m going to be there thanks to Techvibes. It’s really exiting to see the program and the different sessions organized, and really hard to have to choose, knowing that is impossible to attend every one of them. But Montreal and the game developers community is celebrating and we will be able to be there with them.

The Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) also known as le Sommet International du jeu de Montréal (SIJM) is a conference on video games, and every year is becoming bigger and more important. The last couple of years assisted more than 100 speakers and over 1500 participants, and together with the event there are a bundle of other activities going on in town.

Together with the conference, Montreal is becoming one of the most important cities where amazing video Games are being created. Just check this list or this other one of Video Game Companies in the city.

This year MIGS will have two headline keynotes, the first one by Ed Fries, co-founder of the XBOX project and the second by Ron Carmel, co-founder, 2DBOY. I think this two speakers are a good example on how the event is going to be: The first one comes with the strong support of the big companies, a lot of infrastructure, and international collaboration. He’ll be talking about: “beauty, constraints and the Atari 2600”. The second speaker is an independent developers and will be talking about industry predictions.

Here we have the different limits and pairs for this conference. The big companies and the small independent ones; the past of the industry and its future; the technical aspect and the creative one. This also shows the landscape of today’s video game Industry.

The conferences are divided into five big categories (plus the sponsored ones), each one with a keynote and with a group of speakers. I’m not sure to which one I going to assist but besides the Keynotes here I have the ones I find more interesting:

Arts and VFX

  • Creative Character Development
  • The Game Renaissance: Art History for Game Devs
  • Feature Animation Techniques vs. Gaming Animation Techniques: Bridging the Gap
  • Convergence : Transmedia Creation & Production


  • Designing for Cross-Generational Play
  • David vs. GoliathVille: Sage Advice for Indie Social Game Designers
  • The Narrative of Narrative


  • Introducing the new French Touch Generation in Video Game!
  • Developing Gesture Based UI Navigation Using Kinect


  • Collective Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Gameplay
  • Developing Gesture Based UI Navigation Using Kinect


  • Understanding Digital Platforms: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Monetizing Your Game: Reaching Into the “Virtual Wallet”


  • Touchy, Feely: The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Creating Games for Apple Devices
  • Post-Mortem of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

But beside the serious stuff, there will be much more things to do during this two days event. Parties, and networking activities, exhibits,  and workshops, contests, and showcase of new video-games. I’ll be there writing and tweeting and will try to make a summary of the best things I find for Techvibes.