Real-time eBay data worth Gold

As a partner of the upcoming 2008 Canadian Financing Forum in Vancouver on January 16th, Techvibes will be profiling a number of the innovative companies that have been selected to present. Victoria-based Advanced Economic Research Systems Inc. (AERS) is the first company to be profiled. 

AERS tracks eBay, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, in real-time, and provides detailed analytics and real-time executive dashboards. By querying billions of eBay transactions, AERS proprietary data techniques capture massive detail on products, attributes, prices, buyer demographics, buyer and seller locations, and transaction timing. This valuable data is used by eBay buyers and sellers as well as analysts, executives, strategists, advertisers and planners that cover the e-commerce space.

Unlike traditional market research, AERS data is real-time, updated daily rather than monthly or quarterly. Competitors have tried data-scraping approaches to capture similar metrics but can’t compare to AERS’s dataset which is legitimately sourced, fully licensed and incredibly deep and wide.

The company’s business model is based on sales of subscription-based data products. Revenues are augmented with licensing of access to API calls by web developers, and by affiliate revenues. AERS has two divisions: Terapeak and Dataunison. 

Terapeak product is a subscription-based service for the eBay Powerseller – typically a full-time e-commerce retailer; single-store bricks-and-mortar retailer; or mid-large retail chain. Terapeak’s dash-board web app assists sellers place the right product at the right price at the right time. On the flipside, if you’re wondering if you overpaid for that last item you won on eBay, Terapeak’s free tools can tell you. 

Dataunison products include both subscription-based and one-off information products for corporate and research use. The products and services span provision of raw data for specific verticals, through executive dashboards, and on to over 20,000 pages of standard pdf-type, purchaseable reports.