Real-time Social Tagging with Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver is visiting Vancouver again this weekend and will be hosting another session of “real-time social tagging” on Sunday, January 11th at Enigma Restaurant on West 10th Avenue.

Six and a half months ago I visited Vancouver for the first time and I especially enjoyed the energy at the breakfast and the conversations I had. There is something real special about Vancouver and the people involved in their local social media scene. That breakfast I hosted in Vancouver renewed my own appreciation for the magic these breakfasts sometimes brings out.

Ever since visiting Vancouver, I have been looking forward for an opportunity to visit again, and I am now looking forward to hosting the first breakfast of the 2009 Jeff Pulver Breakfast Tour in Vancouver.

To better understand the dynamics of “Real-Time Social Tagging”, see Tom Eveslin’s recent blog post – Third Life: Social Networking Breakfast with Jeff Pulver and David Kirkpatrick’s story in Fortune – Geography, social media and breakfast.

Be sure to register on Facebook if you can attend.