Real Ventures is About to Launch a $100 Million Fund in Canada

Real Ventures is on the verge of closing a $100 million partnership, its biggest ever, according to peHUB Canada.

This will be the third fund launched by Real Ventures since its inception in 2008, when it started a $5 million seed fund with the mission to partner with driven entrepreneurs seeking to build great technology companies in Montreal. The next fund, launched in 2010, was a whopping $50 million and the company changed its name from Montreal Start Up to Real Ventures.

Part of Real’s third fund is being fueled by the government’s Venture Capital Action Plan, which late last year awarded the investment firm a $10 million commitment, according to cofounder John Stokes.

Getting behind 16 deals, Real Ventures ranked at the top of private venture capital investors in Canadian seed-stage and startup financings in 2013, According to Thomson Reuters’ data.

According to peHUB, Real Ventures is “not expecting any fundamental changes to the firm’s strategy”; rather, the successful firm will simply “attempt to replicate its approach in other innovation hubs across Canada.”

Real Ventures says it’s going to enter a hiring spree to support the growth that will result from its new fund.

“We are now looking for remarkable people who share similar values and objectives, to join our team. In the next three months, we hope to attract more Partners, both junior and senior, a CFO, a community manager and a senior analyst,” the company says.