RealEstate411 helps realtors *cell* more homes

Broadplay Inc, a leading mobile marketing agency recently announced the launch of RealEstate411.  RealEstate411 is a new mobile marketing tool that allows Canadian realtors to generate leads, deliver instant property information and connect with prospective buyers over any cell phone.

Here’s how it works: 

As a prospective home buyer is checking out neighbourhoods, they come across a for sale sign.  However, for a myriad of reasons, they are not able to stop and have a look at the house.  They don’t know how many bedrooms, the square footage or even how to get in touch with the selling agent.  RealEstate411’s service includes an SMS code that the prospect enters into her cell phone.  By sending it to 123411 they will receive a message with some details on the home as well as the option to get more, including rich media.  At the same time, the listing agent receives instant notification of the sales lead and has an opportunity to make first contact with the prospective buyer by replying to their text with a phone call or an email.

Cary Shivrattan is the Ontario Franchise Manager for Sutton Group:

RealEstate411’s a first – and a great marketing opportunity that we are educating all our Ontario Sutton Group offices about.  In the past, real estate mobile marketing has been restricted to fancy smart phone applications (which most agents don’t have), but now Broadplay is making it accessible, affordable and available for all Canadian mobile devices – even the most basic cell phones.

According to their press release, with Real Estate411, Broadplay does all the set-up, administration—and even training. A realtor simply sends an email containing the MLS number of the property and a unique rider number that they have selected and Broadplay does the rest, including arranging the signage and activating the text service. The cost is extremely affordable, starting at just $9.99 per listing per month.

Marcus Anderson is the president of Broadplay:

Real estate information delivery to all cell phones is a service whose time has come.  It only makes sense, when you are in front of a property as a prospective buyer, that you can receive all the details through the convenience of your cell phone. And in this volatile real estate climate in Canada, any savvy real estate professionals will want to reinforce their arsenal of sales tools by embracing affordable new services that will help them track leads and sell homes faster.

For more information, please visit RealEstate411.

If you’re in the market for a home, is this the type of service that would help you make a decision?  Please feel free to comment below.