RealTalk App Changes How Consumers and Businesses Communicate

Wondering what time your local pizzeria delivers till? What about that new video game; are there any copies left in stock? Or maybe you want to know if your favourite yoga instructor has classes tomorrow.

Instead of calling and being put on hold, having to deal with automated messaging systems, or maybe not even getting through at all, you can now just send a quick message using your phone and RealTalk to find out.

Recently launched, the RealTalk app aims to revolutionize the way consumers and businesses connect. Tony Bjornson and Jon Cochran, founders of RealTalk, developed the app to provide both parties with the option to communicate via an instant messaging system.

So how does it work? Simple. Using an iPhone or Android 4+ phone, consumers can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Logging in through their Facebook account, they can then search through RealTalk’s business directory to find who they’re wanting to get in touch with. By sending a message through the app, the customer can receive a response back on a question or get customer support in real time instead of waiting on hold or dealing with robots.

On the business side, RealTalk provides companies with an easily adoptable platform to instantly connect with customers. This new method of interaction can foster strong links between the consumer and brand, especially when it comes to the millennial generation who is known for their aversion to phone calls. It also provides the business with valuable statistics about their consumers and allows them to make use of a RESTful API and other app integrations to get the most out of their customer service strategy.

The three-step signup process allows businesses to claim their RealTalk account quickly. A user-friendly interface and familiar features make it so that staff members need minimal training to master the software. Staff can quickly reply to questions through a window in their web browser (and soon, through an app of their own for mobile devices). RealTalk then sends the answer back to the consumer’s smartphone. Staff are able to get back to their work quickly and the consumer receives efficient and effective customer service.

Messages that come in and aren’t responded to within a set period of time will automatically be forwarded to employees responsible for answering via email, push notifications, and other alerts.

Eventually, Bjornson and Cochran want to extend the app to become an exhaustive business directory that can connect the consumer with any business at a very granular level. Being able to search by location, brand, and even by department will help consumers contact the best person to answer their question immediately. Even looking for something as specific as a certain size, brand, and style of women’s shoe in a department store like The Bay could be just an instant message away.

Businesses using RealTalk can gain an advantage over those that don’t in today’s modern, technologically advanced world. As millennials are starting to become the bulk of the consumer population, ways to gain and retain them as loyal customers have to evolve to match their characteristics. One way to stay ahead of the game is by offering multiple avenues of communication. While instant messaging seems to be an avenue that few businesses have made use of, RealTalk hopes to change that by making it just as simple and convenient to communicate in this way as it is to do so via live chat or a social media page.

In terms of cost, the app is free to download for the consumer. Businesses can use the RealTalk service for free as well during the beta phase. Upon completion, plans will start at a monthly fee of $19.99.