Recap: nextMEDIA 2008

nextmedia I had a great time at nextMEDIA 2008 in Banff over the weekend, and I think the rest of the sold out crowd did as well! Lots of interesting discussions took place, and I’m sure that many deals were negotiated.

Here are the keynotes and sessions that I liveblogged here at Techvibes:

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Other Sessions

There were a few other sessions that I didn’t get a chance to liveblog. I do have a few takeaways for three of them, however.

Bollywood or Bust
Bollywood is the world’s largest entertainment industry, and its influence is starting to spread internationally. India has a large number of TV households, but the biggest opportunity is in mobile. There are already over 260 million subscribers, with another million being added each month.

The Top Ten Things You Should Know About Building Relationships With Advertisers
I don’t think they ever got around to listing anything, but the takeaway from the session is that just because something works offline, doesn’t mean that it will work online. Most in the business don’t quite grok that, so there’s an education piece to building these relationships.

Storytelling 2.0
The evolution of interactive storytelling continues. We’ve gone from the linear narrative, to the branched narrative, and now to the transmedia narrative.


Also at nextMEDIA, the finalists for the Canadian New Media Awards were announced. Here is the full list of finalists. The winners will be chosen on November 18th in Toronto as part of nextMEDIA – Monetizing.

Telus outlined its vision for the digital media future by sharing ten recommendations with delegates. You can download the full document here to read them for yourself.

The Heavy Corporation shared a sneak peak of Husky Media with nextMEDIA delegates over lunch. Husky Media is a video monetization platform that wraps any existing video player with a "video skin".

Around the Web

When talking about the future of digital media, it only makes sense to make use of it! You can find more on nextMEDIA by checking out the photos, videos, and more found around the web.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of nextMEDIA 08!