Recap of DemoCampEdmonton8

Edmonton’s startup community was in full force last night as the ELTC was full of people ready to hear from the presenters. All of the presenters did a great job, and the crowd provided some great insights and questions for the companies. Its always great to see a community of people discussing what they are passionate about, and yesterday didn’t disappoint. Thanks again to all the organizers for the work their hard work-it takes a lot to pull off an event on of this size. 

Dub5– Adam and Jeff presented their scheduling system for the Shine Clinic in Edmonton. Wrapped in a great UI, Dub5 created a robust scheduling platform that automatically fills, removes, and schedules volunteers. It provides a huge benefit for non-profits, lifting the weight completely from the organizers, as the system automatically sends emails to volunteers notifying them of openings and cancellations. The system can also send out SMS notifications that volunteers can respond to via text to pick up shifts. 

Skeptographers- Next up was Skeptographers, an online tool for crowdsourcing podcasts for a niche group of people who are sketpics (a group who promote scientific reason & critical thinking). Skeptographers was created to make it simple for a large group of people to come together and create a podcast. Built on Ruby on Rails, the site offered contributers a wide variety of collaborative tools and voting mechanisms. Skeptographers is live, and you can feel free to listen in to the podcasts online.

My Stops- My Stops is a fantastic App for the iPhone & iPod touch that makes it dead simple to get bus route information without having to rely on the sometimes cumbersome Google Maps. My Stops is built for speed and simplicity, and it allows you to create “cards” that have bus route information determined by your GPS location, bus stop number or address.  The app pulls data from the open data from the ETS and shows when the next bus or LRT will be showing up. The app is heading to the Apple store in a few weeks, and barring any problems should be available in a month or two for $.99

Yardstick – Yardstick is a company that makes online testing and exams easy for people or organizations to create. They were demoing a slick new version of their software that makes it dead simple to make a test. The most impressive feat of the software is how elegant the UI is. The backend is what you would expect, with a question bank, suggested questions, and other cool features. – Daelan Wood, a teacher at NAIT showed off his beautiful new job board for the digital media industry. People looking for work can create a profile, link to their portfolio, upload or create resumes and search and apply for jobs. Companies looking for help can post jobs and search the profiles for potential employees. Again, the UI was fantastic, and it’s niche features make it a great addition to a crowded job board market.

ReJoyce- ReJoyce made by Rehabtronics is an incredible device helps the rehabilitation of people who have suffered a spinal cord injury, stroke, or other neurological impairment. Using the device as a live demo, we got to see it in action playing a variety of fun and educational games. Developed in Alberta, the technology helps patients gain back 23% of their range of motion within 6 months, which is far more than traditional therepy. Its an incredible product and one that will have a big impact on rehabilitation- although it does come with a heavy price tag- the device will cost upwards of $6000-$9000.