Battery-Powered Pillow Charges Your Devices While You Laze

We’ve all been there: you drag yourself in through the front door after a hellish day at work, and you just want to plop down on the couch and look at funny cat videos. You get there, and you’re all set up with a cozy knitted blanket and a bag of Sugar Frosted Scarf’ems. Your feet leave the carpet to the safe retreat of your island oasis, and you flip on your phone or your tablet to discover… you’re at 7% battery life.

If you’ve ever been stranded on your living room couch like this, you know how frustrating it is to be entire feet from the nearest power outlet, without even the requisite phone power to make a proper 911 call. It is for exactly these crises that Power Pillow was made.

Much like a Transformer, Power Pillow is a piece of high technology that disguises itself to blend in with its environment. It’s a pair of 12,000mAh lithium-polymer battery packs (one for backup) that can be slid inside a zippered pillow. More than meets the eye, indeed. Why is this pillow so lumpy? Because it’s charging your devices while you faff off on the couch.

At the time of writing, the project was about a third of the way through its Kickstarter campaign with another month to go. As any Kickstarter watcher can tell you, that initial progress puts the odds of success in Power Pillow’s favour. Designed by Dartmouth Nova Scotia-based Lisa Sutt (whose hairdo alone looks somewhat pillowy) and Geoff Martin (whose coiff is decidedly un-pillowy), Power Pillow promises to ship with two micro USB charging cables and a “cable wallet.”



The included batteries can juice up your USB-chargeable devices multiple times, with mileage varying depending on the device.  Once both lithium batteries are drained, however, and you still find yourself marooned on the sofa, with no one in the next room able to hear your desperate calls for help, a worrying realization will creep over you. With deference to Watchmen, “who charges the Power Pillow?”