Recycle Unwanted Electronic Equipment – Free of Charge

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As businesses, what do you do with your unwanted or obsolete electronic equipment?

In this era of rapidly advancing technologies, we are constantly upgrading our electronics. Whether it’s a work computer, peripherals, or audio/visual equipment, the average shelf life of technologies at a workplace is approximately 2 years.

In every business, there is likely a storage room somewhere full of unwanted hardware.

The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is reminding all businesses that Encorp’s Return-It Electronics™ program, powered by EPRA, will accept just about every electronic device in the workplace.

To recycle unwanted, end-of-life electronic equipment, simply drop it off at any Return-It Electronics collection site. For businesses with large quantities of electronics, pick-up can be arranged at no cost through the large volume program. For those who have a frequent need to recycle high volumes of electronics, see the processor incentive program at

Some examples of acceptable items include desktop computers and peripherals, laptops, audio-visual equipment, cameras, electronic musical instruments, and non-cellular telephones. No fees apply when dropping off any of these products for recycling, as an environmental handling fee (EHF) is charged at the time of purchase.

Protect our environment and make sure your business is onboard. Information on collection sites, large volume pickup and a list of acceptable items can be found at, or call 1-800-330-9767.