Innovative Red Bull Playgrounds App Takes Advantage of Canada’s Sport-friendly Landscape

Canada is the world’s largest playground. We have the most places to play in the world. The International Olympic Committee has accepted several extreme sports into the Olympics. It just goes to show the popularity of them over mainstream sport in the last couple of decades.

These sports were barely on the map 20 years ago. But Canada’s youth have embraced them so much. It was one of the reasons Canada won the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Still, local knowledge of places to play can be hard to obtain, since our country is so vast and diverse geographically. That’s where Red Bull’s new Playgrounds mobile app can help.

Red Bull Playgrounds is available for both Apple and Android devices. It has given Canadians a head start on where to play. It includes a directory of 1,300 skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hockey, and other extreme sports spots, across Canada. Since we have four seasons, there’s something for everyone.



Users will be able to share additional favourite spots and connect with friends around the locations. They will be able to stay informed about the activity happening around them through people, pictures, and videos.

People can get social as well. They will be able to connect with friends via “My Crew,” where they can sign in via Facebook or Twitter.

If you don’t participate in extreme sports, the app will include exclusive insight into the best music, art, hottest locations, athletes, cultural icons, and event experiences, that Canada has to offer. One example is the 2013 Ice Cross Downhill World Championship Crashed Ice series, that is kicking off in Niagara Falls in December. This is the first time Crashed Ice has come to Southern Ontario.

The series has stopped annually in Quebec City the last seven years. It will do so again later this winter. If Quebec City has been any indication, you can expect this event to be absolutely buzzing, as tens of thousands could show up to the Niagara Falls free event.

If you’re out in Western Canada, you can certainly expect a lot of places to play and party in the areas surrounding the Rockies and Whistler. That is only tradition, just as those old ski bums would tell you.

Forget about the NHL being locked out. Get out this winter and play.