Reduce employee drag with Vancouver’s 7Geese

Did you know that the symmetric V-shaped flight formation of flights of migratory birds like geese can achieve a reduction of induced drag by up to 65% and as a result increase their range by 71%.

Paltech Solutions founder Amin Palizban named Paltech’s newest product based on this aerodynamic advantage and believes it applies to companies that want to improve internal efficiencies as well.

7Geese is cloud-based Social Achievement Software that helps employees, teams, and companies achieve objectives faster by increasing collaboration, accountability, and recognition in a fun environment similar looking to Facebook.

With similarilites to both Toronto-based Rypple and enterprise social network Yammer, 7Geese is an company-wide social network with an emphasis on achieving goals and getting things done. They’re gamifying the process and targeting companies that aren’t interested in rigid goal setting, performance tracking, and project management software.

7Geese is currently in beta and Palizban is eager to add more beta customers and learn from their existing goal tracking, collaboration, and communication processes.

If you’re interested in reducing drag around employee goal tracking, sign up for the 7Geese beta today.