Redwood Technologies – from CBC to CIX

Alberta’s lone representation among the twenty presenting companies at next week’s Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) is Calgary’s Redwood Technologies Inc. Our own Stephen King covered their story, CTI connection and recent hiring of Stephen Nykolyn and Marc Wachmann last month here but after catching a CBC Newsworld feature on them I thought that they deserved another mention leading up to CIX. Redwood’s primary service is momentem – a mobile telecom expense management subscription service for busy professionals. With momentem software on your handset, you have the ability to tag calls, emails, expenses and your activity in real-time. Allocate the information to clients and projects, attach notes or action items for reminder email follow-up, while flagging billable time or cost, all to assist in billing clients and/or making sense of your monthly cell phone bill via their reporting function. I had the pleasure of talking to CEO Terry Hughes yesterday (on his Blackberry – I wonder where he’ll allocate our call) and have a feeling that next week’s CIX presentation will be a success – among the investors in attendance will be a Strategic Alliance Manager from Research in Motion.