Is February 5 the Release Date of RIM’s BlackBerry 10?

Research In Motion’s flagship BlackBerry 10 device could be in the hands of Canadians as soon as two weeks from now, a new rumour suggests.

According to the rumour, which has anonymous sources but has been reaffirmed across several sites already, pegs Tuesday, February 5 as the official release day for BB10. That’s just one week after RIM unveils the next-gen mobile computing platform next Wednesday, January 30.

Only Apple consistently releases smartphones that soon after hosting a major launch event. But given how long RIM has had to prepare for this moment, we wouldn’t be surprised if the date holds true. It would certainly be in the interest of RIM to have a release that closely follows the launch event.

CrackBerry points out that this rumour is for Telus and Bell, two Canadian carriers. No word on leaked release dates for any US carriers, or Rogers, the other Canadian member of the “Big Three.” However, we’re pretty confident that “RoBeLus” will all launch BB10 on the same day.

Oh, and one other component to the rumour: the so-called Z10 smartphone will launch in both black and white models.