Canadian Entrepreneurs Launch App to Solve Traffic Problems Using Local Data

Two Ottawa entrepreneurs have launched an app they believe will solve traffic problems in Canada by using local data to determine optimal routes.

According to founders Abed Saab and Pierre Lermusieaux, ReRouteMe gathers “massive amounts” of local data about construction, traffic conditions and weather, which it uses to determine efficient routes. Members can also save and schedule travel plans, which allows ReRouteMe to monitor their anticipated routes and notify them in advance if anything affects their trip.

“Our main differentiating factor is not traffic reporting,” explains Saab, chief executive officer of Rhexia, which built the app. “It is proactively working around traffic by keeping our users one step ahead of traffic and for that, we had to build a custom routing engine.”

The company says their goal is to proactively reduce the cities’ heavy traffic zones by pre-emptively re-routing travellers to less busy areas. The reduced number of cars trapped on the road will mean whole cities can see savings in energy consumption and gas emissions, ReRouteMe suggests.

“The indirect benefits of this application will be reduced gas emissions and saved energy,” notes Jessica Rousseau, ReRouteMe’s marketing strategist and UI designer. “Hundreds of cars idling in traffic are bad for more than just your peace of mind. We’re already working on the next version, which will have more features for transit users and cyclists, to encourage more people to take bikes rather than cars.”

The app also offers a series of built-in services including local gas prices, weather, and news updates about construction and accidents.

Currently available to residents in Ottawa, Toronto, and some southern Ontario communities, ReRouteMe eventually plans to go Canada-wide.