Research In Motion Desperately Wants Netflix on BlackBerry

When Netflix ventured into Canada, it was very quickly made available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android—the two major global players in mobile today. But Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, which is still a prominent and loved platform here in its home country, got the snub.

It’s now been so long that BlackBerry hasn’t had a Netflix app, critics started to wonder whether the two companies had some sort of spat no one knew about, or whether RIM actually said no to Netflix for some odd reason. As it turns out, Netflix really has been snubbing RIM—and RIM would absolutely love to have the video streaming app on its smartphones and PlayBook.

RIM’s vice-president of developer relations, Alec Saunders, tweeted this week that, “If Netflix asked, we would have a team of developers at their site within 24 hours. #myth #busted.” Hopefully RIM’s forthcoming BB10 platform convinces Netflix that it’s an operating system worth developing for.