Research suggests modern email marketing is less marketing, more promotion of social media outlets

These days, email marketing ought to be called “email click-these-socia-media-links!”

StrongMail is a comprehensive, reputable provider of email and social media marketing solutions, and conducted research this past June on those very services.


The results of the research are one-sided, though not surprising: email marketers who had integrated social media with their emails, or planned to this year, made up more than 70% of the worldwide respondents.

Nearly two-thirds of business executives surveyed around the world made it a priority to facilitate recipients to share messages socially, and more than 70% they were promoting their Twitter, Facebook or other social presence in their email marketing messages. 

The study found Facebook was the favourite social media outlet for integration with email efforts, used by more than 9 in 10 marketers who combined social media with email. Nearly as many used Twitter, but fewer than half of marketers integrated LinkedIn with their email programs.

Relatedly, email marketing software firm GetResponse analyzed emails sent by small and midsize businesses this past spring. GetResponse found the businesses were likewise focused on Facebook and Twitter—almost to the exclusion of other services. Roughly three-quarters linked to Facebook in their messages, with about half linking to Twitter. Less than 10% integrated any other social sites with their email campaigns, like LinkedIn.