Vancouver as a World-Class Tech Hub: Retaining Top Tier Talent

Vancouver has emerged as a world-class tech leader, but as the startup scene continues to explode, how will our city continue to support the retention of top talent?

With our universities churning out highly employable tech roles with every grad class, competitive benefits and office perks are no longer enough to stand out in the crowd. So as startups continue to be bought and sold for millions, it has never been more important to stand out in this unique landscape as both an employer, and an employee.

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Adaptability is a key attribute in applicants, says Chris Simpson, Software Engineer at PlentyOfFish. “We want to see an individual who is not only specific to the role but can provide skills on a wider range of scale—I like to call these skills ‘Geek Points.'”

Benefits and perks aside, PlentyOfFish has implemented a unique set of interactive hiring practices.

The first stage of process starts with a face to face culture check with HR and COO, where the focus is on the individual’s personality and whether or not they will align with the core values of the team; adaptability, relationships and efficiency. This is followed by a round table discussion with fellow competition, where we can evaluate the individual’s adaptability and range of knowledge. Lastly, we may ask the candidate to submit a weekend project where they may be asked to formulate a new idea and pitch it within a two day time span.

Outside of the interview itself, we have events such as Level Up:Vancouver on September 30 that give candidates a taste of what it could be like to work at PlentyOfFish and interact with industry professionals outside of the office environment.

In order to continue to fuel the growth of Vancouver as a world class tech hub, it will become increasingly critical for our tech employers to continue to invest their time into acclimating through unique and innovative processes. Through these processes, we as a community, will be able to keep a strong hold on the top tier talent and motivate the next round of entrepreneurs.