Rethink the content you are sending to your customers

C.C. Chapman has news for you: it doesn’t matter what sector your company works in; these days, you are a publisher.


That’s right; because businesses live and die by reaching out to their customers, you need to reach out the right way by producing content of value and quality. The days of bulk mail and cold calling are coming to a close, and with social media tools at everyone’s fingertips, the future is here.

That’s why C.C. Chapman is giving a lecture at The Pilot as part of Third Tuesday Toronto called “Content Rules” (which, perhaps not coincidentally, is also the name of Chapman’s new book). Chapman wants you to think about the content you are sending out to potential customers, and whether or not it engages them and converts them into guaranteed customers.

Chapman is an author and speaker working in the field of marketing. He also started marketing agency The AdvanceGuard, which was acquired by Campfire in 2009 after two years with him at the helm. These days he’s reaching out to the forward-thinking marketing community to impart his wisdom and get them to rethink their approaches to the field.

Content Rules takes place January 18th at The Pilot at 6 p.m. For more information, click here.